There’s something gratifying about fixing a meal made with fresh herbs, veggies, and fruits harvested from your own garden. Or treating a sunburn with gel from your Aloe Vera plant that you lovingly grew from seed. How about the wonderful scent from your own handmade soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispersing through the steam of a hot shower? My name is Wendy Abruzzini, and these are some of the joys I so desperately needed in a complex world filled with stress and anxiety.

Welcome to City Homesteading. I’m your homesteading champion and all around cheerleader for living an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle–no matter where you live and what space you call “home”.

I grew up in Southern California–Orange County to be exact. Orange County is like a concrete jungle–consumeristic, crowded, congested, cramped, and over priced. But I loved it. Every minute of it. Until the Orange County lifestyle no longer aligned with how I wanted to live my life.

City Homesteading life around traffic

The high priced real estate in California made affording a house a challenge, so I grew up primarily in apartments and condos. Due to my living situation, a homesteading lifestyle never crossed my mind! My sole focus was to make enough money to pay the rent and have a small bit left over for food and gas–you know, the rat race. Pretty unfulfilling if you ask me. I may be a city girl, but I know that I can still practice the principles of homesteading–and so can you! City Homesteading is all about giving you the skills you need to homestead, wherever your home might be.

The truth is, you can practice the principles of homesteading no matter where you live, whether it’s an apartment, condo, hut, tent, igloo, house, or mansion.

Homesteading in an apartment.
You can homestead in an apartment!

In a world full of technology that complicates our lives more than complements, we’ve lost touch with what it feels like to feel dirt in our hands. Don’t get me wrong–I hate getting dirty. Hate it. But when I see how the soil grows my plants, detoxes my air, and gives me joy each time I look at them, getting a bit dirty isn’t so bad. It’s time to reintroduce the skills we’ve lost over decades due to reliance on manufacturing. It’s time to start living with purpose, encouraging innovation, learning to nurture the planet, and giving ourselves permission to cultivate human ingenuity–and we can do it all together. It starts with you.

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